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Please update

It’s only been 5 years since the last update. At least update it to iOS 11

Please update

Apple states it will no longer support this app with any future iOS updates. I'm currently using 10.3.1. This is a great app, and I'm asking the developer to update it for future iOS versions.

It's good

It's a good app. But not worth 4 dollars. It's worth 1 maybe 2. It's a really basic app. Save your money and look on YouTube for micro expression training. If it could get my money back for this, I would. Besides that it's decent. Seems correct, explains the expressions and such. Although the buttons really are very small.

Good app

Decent ME trainer, however the buttons are too close and not large enough causing numerous "fat finger" errors", could use an update as well.

Very good app!

I really like this app. I like that you can change the speed of the micro expressions and also that it displays a text with the key elements of every expression. After a while it starts lacking variety of faces though.

Micro expressions

Best self test app I've found. If had more complex expressions it would awesome.

Small buttons

It's a really cool app, but the buttons to identify each emotion are very small and close together. It's very easy to tap the wrong option, even if you know the right answer. The buttons should be redesigned.

Those buttons!!!

The buttons need to be fixed ASAP they are too small! The app works well but c'mon it's an iPhone app. You guys can do better. But it's a handy app to stay sharp.

Good app but...

I love this app and it has been a huge help to stay sharp but there absolutely must be an update that at least increases the number of faces and makes the time control more specific. More styles of practice drills and some general information on common manipulators would also be fantastic. Again, this is a great app as-is and well worth the price but it would very courteous of the developer to continue adding to its functions.


It doesn't teach me anything I don't already know, it should have more expressions and should expand into body cues

I love this app, but...

This app is so awesome! I love it! But the buttons are so small that i keep pushing the wrong buttons even when i pushed the correct button.

Kind of boring

After like 3 of each of the 7 expressions, it's boring. This app shows expressions, not micro expressions. I would not recommend this app.

Good, but lazy

For the cost of this app I would expect at least one update by now. The app could really use extra models and faster expressions. Good otherwise though

Good, but lacking!

This app is great for what it is. $3.99 for good micro-expression training; it utilizes only the basic emotions, however, and there is no options page. You can't do basic or advanced, and changing the speed of the expression flash is a VERY rough estimate (scroll bar exactly the same as the volume bar for Apple). My biggest issue is the fact that the fastest you can make the expressions is 1/16 of a second, while true micro-expressions occur in as little as 1/25 of a second. What I suggest is this: Provide an update for this app for up to 5.99 that will institute an options page; this page should contain an ability to manually choose the speed (based on a decimal system for exact measurement reliability), an option to choose "advanced" mode, which will add more expressions into the mix, and a "distractions on/off" option, at the very least. The distractions should be sounds generally associated with an emotion, but played randomly in sync with the M.E., so that if you pay attention to the sound and not the face, you choose incorrectly. Again, good app for the price, but more should be offered after original purchase.

Well done for what it is

The expressions on the computer models are fairly well captured, but it only provides fully pronounced expressions. This is great for a cursory view of the 7 principle emotions, but should be expanded to provide subtle expression of those emotions, and maybe include other themes as well. For the price, though, not a bad trainer.

Great app

Very fun. Great for when bored. Only problem I have is that these expressions are not subtle enough. In real life it's not that easy to recognize these things. So yeah, I wish they made it harder.

Stop debating and BUY NOW!

Worth every dollar, I hope they add more!

I agree

More emotions please! Very good app in my opinion. Im new to this whole thing. However i do find this stuff interesting.

Not good

They barely give any information about expressions. The micro expressions are expressed by animated people which I DON'T like! They should use real people... This doesn't help me practice that much.. And price is not worth it! Wish I didn't purchase!!

Awesome! But needs more!

I love it but it needs more faces and expressions!!!! 


Great app for basic training. Either expand this app with additional expressions, e.g. Regret, Guilt, Pride, Secondary Emotions... Charge for the upgrade!! You have people who would pay for the addition of new emotions, and secondary / dual micro-expressions. I don't know how many people purchased your app, but my guess is that over half would pay $4.99 - $9.99 for a very good upgrade. If the animation is difficult, you may want to use pictures of real people transferring from neutral to micro-expressions. Thanks for the app. I really like it!!!

Excellent, please expand

Please do add more faces and more than the universal expressions, how about the cultural ones, etc. This app is great and in a very short time of doing the drills over and over, I found myself seeing these micro expressions flashed on the faces of people all around me. And it was kind of spooky how I felt I had suddenly found a window into someone's subconscious just by training my eyes with this app. Well done! Please add more faces and subset expressions and yes, I would gladly pay $10 for it.

Not impressed

I thought this app sounded really interesting, but I was very disappointed. I was not impressed by the faces in the games, and I didn't think the expressions were that realistic. Some of them look just plain comical. I say this is not worth the buy especially for to price.

Not bad, not good.

Requires a lot more variation in facial expressions, cause they are obviously not going to all look like that. If anything, this is just as good as field-testing yourself, but with definite answers, and a bit more fun to it. Not recommended as a dependancy, unless you plan on waiting for improvement. To this moment, almost not worth the $4, but definitely deserves merit.

Simple but teaches Basics

teaches basics, expressions are able to be sped up to get you reading these faster.

Too simplistic, much too expensive

This app simply shows a (probably synthetic) face, followed briefly by the same face showing the chosen emotion, then reverting to the original face. This approach is far too simplistic to be useful for training--human faces are far more nuanced than what this app shows. The app gives you about one sentence of description for each emotion. For the "real deal," buy the book Emotions Revealed, by Paul Ekman, the researcher whose research is the basis of the TV show Lie to Me. I hope this app's author improves it; it could become a useful training tool. For now, STAY AWAY. It's the first app I've been sorry I bought.


Just caught my best friend twice beeing disgusted of something i was telling her. It helps detecting White lies! Its also much fun to watch people express these expressions. I tell you, its hard to listen when your watching for every change in someones face ;)

I don't like it

I thought it would be for the body language but it's just a game that u have to know what are the expressions of the person :(

Great developer response!

I had minor complaints just weeks ago, and they were addressed in the last update. I am quite the obsessive type and spend hours (sad I know) while avoiding sleep with this app. It is fun to notice how it has bled into my everyday interactions. Not to mention wacky face dreams.


The buttons are way too small. The bar to change the speed is also very hard to control. It's a great program otherwise. Pretty accurate. But just because someone flashes a micro-expression doesn't mean they are lieing. There is a science behind micro-expressions.


These faces are scary as hell

Really fun

Over all, a pretty fun game. I like the fact that if you don't get the face right away there's a refresh butten, and a speed adjuster, so the better you get the faster you can make it go.


This app is absolutely great if you wanna become a deception expert or something... HIGHLY recommended!!!

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